A Delightful Comedy

Thank You For Smoking.jpg
I just saw the delightful film Thank You For Smoking. It’s excellent. And without a doubt, Rob Lowe’s role as a Hollywood fixer is wonderful. I recommend this film very highly.

UPDATE: My colleague David Boaz had an intelligent discussion of this film and “V for Vendetta” (which I have not seen) in his blog on The Guardian.

One Response to “A Delightful Comedy”

  1. Lowell R.

    Very funny indeed. My favorite part was when Nick’s son gives his speech on capitalism to the class, which ends with something like “I call it…love.” Then I realized that the movie wanted me to be disgusted with Nick warping his son’s values, and instead I was impressed with their erudition. Unless it’s all a reverse-psychology conceit of some sort. Given Buckley, anything’s possible there.