Prince Goes to North Pole: Global Problems Solved

The Grimaldis.jpg
Monaco’s Prince Albert has performed a great feat and a great service for mankind. He traveled by dog-power to the North Pole, planted the flag of Monaco, and said these immortal words:

“We must try to find solutions [to global warming], with scientists obviously, but at the individual level.”

The world salutes you, Prince Albert of the House of Grimaldi!

2 Responses to “Prince Goes to North Pole: Global Problems Solved”

  1. Tom G. Palmer

    Uh, oh, Ken. You may be revealing your age. Most of the MTV generation and below wouldn’t know about how Prince Albert tobacco (named after the consort of Queen Victoria) used to be sold in a can….and teenagers would call tobacco shops (also largely a thing of the past) to ask the question “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?,” after the affirmative answer to which they would shout “Well, let him out!” and hang up.