Free to Choose Videos in Arabic

Milton Friedman Arabic version on the web.jpg
Miltlon Friedman in Arabic

Thanks to the good offices of Bob Chitester, Milton Friedman, and the Granicus Corporation, all of whom made their products or their work available to us at no charge, an online-streaming video version of Milton Friedman’s famous television series, Free to Choose is now available at the Lamp of Liberty. (It’s in the video box in the lower left corner; Arabic text announcing it will be available shortly.)

In other good news, my colleagues have made great strides in syndicating the material on the Lamp of Liberty through Arabic newspapers, with the URL of the website listed in the byline to drive visitors to the site. (My colleagues with have also been doing the same quite successfully in Russia.)

I should also mention the diligence of my colleague Jude Blanchette and the hard work of our heroic volunteer web designers at P. J. as ingredients in making this important work available to Arabic viewers.

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  1. The “‘X’ = neocon” equations are always good for a laugh. I think Tom should organize an online competition for these.

    Categories could be Funniest, Most Absurd, Least Comprehensible, Most Poetic, etc.

    The best in each category could be collected and published. There should, of course, be cash prizes for the winners (paid by someone other than me, of course).