A Tiny Piece of Good News…

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Images from the Book of Kells

A medieval Irish manuscript has been discovered. Experts have dated the book as from 800-1000 of the Common Era. To learn why that’s such a pleasant thing to contemplate, read Thomas Cahill’s most entertaining book How the Irish Saved Civilization.

2 Responses to “A Tiny Piece of Good News…”

  1. Great find and a great book by Thomas Cahill.

    It’s funny to date such an incredible Christian find in the ‘common era.’ Particularly to a book opened to this:

    “Show them you alone are the LORD, the Most High over all the earth.” That’s how the Irish saved civilization.

  2. Alan Gura

    According to CNN, the book was found open to the 83rd Psalm.

    This is the psalm traditionally recited by Jewish congregations when war/genocide is waged against the Jews.

    The psalm references a confederacy of various nations, including “the inhabitants of Tyre,” who band together to wipe out Israel, and asks God for help in the matter.

    I’m not a student of the Da Vinci Code, Biblical prophecy, etc., but it is a neat coincidence.