Two Interesting Takes on Cuba

In a Model Democratic Transition,
Cuba’s “Civilian” Leader Has Been Replaced by
the Head of Cuba’s Military for Fifty Years,
His Brother Ra��?���ºl

Christopher Hitchens points out in Slate that Cuba has just undergone a military coup, so open that it led the New York Times reporters to comment that,

[O]ne of the most telling aspects of his career is that in the nearly five decades that Ra��?���ºl Castro has led the Cuban armed forces, there has never been a coup attempt or an uprising of rank-and-file soldiers against their officers.

And the BBC scoured Miami for a Cuban-American supporter of Fidel Castro’s dictatorship and found one, who was then given a great deal of international play by the network.

4 Responses to “Two Interesting Takes on Cuba”

  1. Place your bets: How many anarchos and Rothbardians come out in favor of the Cuba-commies in the next couple months?

    Posted by: at August 10, 2006 09:50 AM

    Probably all of plus the freaks at Counterpunch. Oh, and Cynthia McKinney too.