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I guess this is the equivalent of Bill Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale.”

UPDATE: This interview is positively painful to watch. I feel sorry for his wife. And I would feel sorry for him, if he had not made his life a part of an assault on freedom, on personal dignity, on equal rights, on decency itself. The entire Focus on the Family crowd should hang their heads in shame, as they should have done when their favorite “Ex-Gay” leaders kept popping up soliciting men in gay bars. But such arrogance, it seems, knows no shame.

4 Responses to “NAE Site Being Updated…..”

  1. Tom G. Palmer

    It’s been noted. He lied for decades, cheated on his wife and them embarrassed her in a way that is hard to even imagine, had drug-fueled paid trysts with a prostitute, did his best to deny the rights of people who were actually in love and wanted to share their lives with one another, and then got caught. Ok. I hope that he finds his way out of the mess he made. And I feel very sorry for his wife and his children. What more is there to say, other than that the entire gay-bashing movement is not only hypocritical, but based on an utter lie? How else to explain the implosion of the “ex-gay” movement, whose leaders have turned out to have sleazy sex lives in private as they parade out “normal” lives (married to other “ex-gay” people — since they’re not stupid enough to claim to actually be “straight” or “heterosexual”)?

  2. Michael Cust

    Not only does the gay community benefit from this news, so too do casual drug users, atheists and all the other ‘moral’ scapegoats of the American evangelical Christian movement. Each group of scapegoats all too often feels the wrath of anti-personal freedom decisions, inaction, and statements by politicians that are motived by the support of the evangelicals.

    Now their ‘moral’ high ground isn’t quite so high. Haggard isn’t just some second rate televangelist; he’s a big cheese.