The Infection Continues to Fester

The Super Sleuth Knows All, Sees Sushi

A seriously twisted apologist for dictatorship in Eurasia keeps it up, all under cover of a website that advertises itself as “Antiwar.” Justin Raimondo explains how yet another critic of dictatorship in Russia is suffering from bad sushi. More on his and his colleagues’ despicable apologies for E. European dictators can be found in “The Fever Swamp.” gives the cause of peace a very, very bad name by associating it with support for killing U.S. troops and eager support for and whitewashing of dictatorship in Belarus, Russia, and elsewhere.

UPDATE: The sushi was fatal this time. This particular inquiry into the murder of Anna Politkovskaya has been closed.

FURTHER UPDATE: Alexander Litvinenko’s last speech in London.

13 Responses to “The Infection Continues to Fester”

  1. Try getting Litvinenko’s book-Blowing Up Russia along with searching about him telling about the Kremlin’s ties with al-Qaeda and other Islamist type groups.

    It’s just simply disguisting to see how Raimondo defends the murder of Litvinenko just like he did with the anti-Putin journalist. What an apologist to a dictator like Putin.

  2. Bad sushi, maybe. But now that radioactive material has been found in the late Mr. Litvinenko, what will the explanation be?

    I must admit that I’m simply baffled as to why the same libertarians who usually so quickly jump on governmental misdeeds are so eager to turn this possible mountain of conspiracy into a molehill of…bad sushi. It’s not like this is Somalia or Chile or Hong Kong, where we have a very real stake in success vis-a-vis the larger goal of proving a minimal state’s viability and worth. By everyone’s admission, Russia is corporatism at its worst. It’s is largely responsible for giving privatization a bad name; largely responsible for perpetuating the notion that capitalism is always the enemy of environmental health; and perhaps worse of all, largely responsible for making millions nostalgic for the relatively orderly days of Communism. If there is a repressive regime out there that deserves the benefit of the doubt, Russia is not it.

  3. “Yuri”, have you read Litvinenko’s books or seen his interviews? How about Litvinenko linking al-Qaeda to the Russian government? I’m probably sure those interviews of him are all over the web by now.

  4. L.R., you’re missing the point. Raimondo and his friends are playing a game. Let’s see how it works:

    1. Putin is building an empire (or re-building one).

    2. The colonized people of Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, etc. are looking to Washington for help.

    3. Justin Raimondo and his friends see their goal in life as tearing down the American empire, so,

    4. They figure that they must support Putin’s empire.

    It’s an easy game to play once you get the hang of it. The radioactivity, the poisonings, the assassinations, and the cloak-and-dagger just add to the fun of it!

  5. Tom G. Palmer

    Sorry, “Yuri,” I’m not the one pointing fingers. Mr. Litvinenko did that just before he died of his tainted sushi. I’m interested in the question, but not an expert. But Mr. Raimondo, it seems, is an expert (on all sorts of matters of criminology) and has preemptively ruled out a whole class of suspects. What agenda is he pursuing, I wonder? Mamuka notes, tongue-in-cheek, that it’s a real puzzle. The same can be said of Mr. Raimondo’s motives.

  6. Tom G. Palmer

    I’m sure that an investigation at such a high level will follow every possibility. Maybe he did commit suicide. It seems unlikely, but it’s possible, in the sense that it does not involve a logical contradiction. But the fact that professional investigators would ask that question doesn’t mean that it’s a very plausible line of inquiry — just one that shouldn’t be closed without looking into it. But how strange for such a long line of people to stage their own poisonings (bad sushi, as your colleagues suggested), killings, etc. That would be quite some conspiracy.

    The man who wrote about “Putin the Peacemaker” and “Putin the Patriot” (and other starry-eyed things), a man of “inherent dignity” and “supremely adult forbearance,” has, let us say, less credibility than any person on the planet I could imagine, including the people at whom suspicions are being directed by Litvinenko’s family and friends (not to mention Litvinenko himself).

  7. Raimondo is defending the tyrant Putin again:

    Pathetic. Simply, simply pathetic. If Bush were a fascist according to Raimondo, someone like Helen Thomas would end up like that anti-Putin journalist as she tried to enter her apartment building. So why the hell is Raimondo defending the very regime he condemns America to be which can only be found in Russia ruled under the reign of Vladimir Putin?

  8. “So why the hell is Raimondo defending the very regime he condemns America to be which can only be found in Russia ruled under the reign of Vladimir Putin?”

    See entries for “Rothbard, Murray” and “Lenin, Vladmir.”