Beatles and Apples


The Beatles may soon end up in your Apple, or at least your iPod, “Beatles: only on iPod?.”

One Response to “Beatles and Apples”

  1. Lord knows they should go for it. Apple Corp, that is. Jobs is a longtime Beatles fan, and the Beatles have now exceeded even Metallica in being the most obstinately idiotic musical group when it comes to refusing to join the digital age. For the sake of their reputation, I pray they don’t end up making some idiotic deal with a “PlaysForSure” type company (or worse yet, a Zune tie-in). But given how far they’ve had their heads planted in the sand all these years, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    Also, it would be an awesome opportunity to generate revenue for people like me, who have much of the Beatles’ catalog from CDs, but given how much the US and UK releases differ, I would consider ponying up for a master edition released online of everything…or even better, of old scratchy demo tracks of individual songs…

    My $.02