Dinesh D’Souza On the Spot

The ever-eager-to-get-attention Dinesh D’Souza is put through his paces by a very clever interviewer, Stephen Colbert. Click here and scroll down to the interview.

(Note: It’s also worth looking for Alan Wolfe’s dissection of D’Souza’s craziness in the New York Times.)

2 Responses to “Dinesh D’Souza On the Spot”

  1. D’Souza was recently in the conservative evangelical newsmagazine “The World” arguing that conservative Christians and conservative Muslims should form an alliance and take on their real enemy, the “liberals,” which appeared to be broadly defined to include anyone who believes in secularism, individual rights, and an absence of theocracy.

    When the interviewer argued that Islam uses violence against non-believers, D’Souza’s “defense” was essentially that they only use violence against pagans and atheists, so it is OK.

  2. D’Souza wrote a book, part of which is good – Illiberal Education. That, and the fact that he’s not white, has propelled his career for the past decade. He is a highbrow Ann Coulter, but Ann Coulter nonetheless.