Che Chic-Sick

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Che Guevara Military Wear
Make the ultimate revolutionary fashion statement in Che Guevara military-style clothing. The button down shirts, pants, and shorts that make up this special collection have all the military fashion features, are emblazoned with the classic heroic image and famous statements of Che Guevara, and are made of strong cotton for long wear.

Thanks to Juan-Carlos Hidalgo for the (disgusting) tip!

9 Responses to “Che Chic-Sick”

  1. Che's a Villainous Coward

    Its only too bad that Adam Smith could never strike a dashing pose while wearing a jaunty beret. Milton Friedman did liberalize Chile, but he never smoked Cuban cigars quite with the same disaffected arrogance as Che. Although the upside of the ubiquitous Che is that I can now easily identify ideological friend from foe.

  2. I kind of like the irony involved in the existence of “” And that “com” don’t stand for communist… And hey, the caretakers of the revolution even accept PayPal. The more of this crap they sell, the more apparent it becomes that the man’s ideas were just dead wrong.