Who Knew? Hookah Bars Violate Anti-Smoking Bans


Are there people who go to hookah bars who are involuntarily subjected to smoke? I guess, just like people who go to rock concerts and are involuntarily subjected to rock music. How to get around a stupid law: “Hookah bars smoke out loophole in ban.”

3 Responses to “Who Knew? Hookah Bars Violate Anti-Smoking Bans”

  1. Anonymous

    Well, in Colorado, if a certain percentage of their sales is tobacco they are excluded from the smoking ban. What area or state are you suggesting?

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    The article to which I linked is about Ohio, which creates an exemption for tobacco shops:

    “In Ohio, businesses that get 80 percent of their revenue from tobacco and tobacco products are exempt from the law. However, there is no smoking exemption for restaurants or places that serve alcohol, according to the law.”

    So if I want to go and get a glass of wine, followed by a shisha, it seems that someone else could complain about the smoke, even though the place is advertised as having hookahs. To qualify for the exemption from the Nanny State’s rules, a bar owner cannot serve alcohol or food. So….smoke and get out!