Nashi (“Our People”)


A video documentary on Russia’s new chauvinist/nationalist/authoritarian/statist state-sponsored youth movement. (It’s in French.)

Hat tip to Nathalie.

2 Responses to “Nashi (“Our People”)”

  1. Adam Allouba

    That was horribly depressing, most of all when the narrator intoned that a bolshevik party that reveres both Lenin and Mussolini is one of the last oppsition movements against Putin.

    I wonder if there’s any chance that Putin will in fact stick to the constitutional limit of two terms and, somehow, not end up controlling things from behind the scenes even if he’s not the president.

  2. Doesn’t this remind you of the personality cults such as that of Joseph Stalin or Vladimir Lenin? Now why on Earth would someone who would constantly be concern about a “War Party” embrace the likes of this when they accuse the “War Party” of being a “personality cult of neo-cons” but support Putin?

    That’s just simply wrong for so many reasons.