Help This Friday — APRIL 27 — to Free Kareem


Rallies for Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman, jailed in Egypt for the “crime” of speaking his mind online, will be held in eleven countries this Friday, April 27. Details here. It’s easy to take part and will only take an hour or so of your day, to try to spare Kareem four years of lack of liberty. If there’s no rally in your city or you can’t make it, please contact the Egyptian Embassy in your country (it’s easy!) to express your belief that the government of Egypt should correct the mistake and free this young man.

One Response to “Help This Friday — APRIL 27 — to Free Kareem”

  1. Is happen bizzar are most unbelieveble things in the world,have so many bad things happening and many dangerous criminals to be catch now is also a crime say want yoy want,principaly on the internet,which is a worldwilde communication system,is just unreal this situation,let the poor young man go free,the fascism time end long time ago!