Yet Another Slander on the KGB

What must the Fever Swamp be thinking now? (A Russian former KGB officer should be charged with the murder by poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, the UK’s director of public prosecutions has recommended.) How will they save their heroic Eurasian political leader from such slander? Stay tuned…..

10 Responses to “Yet Another Slander on the KGB”

  1. Sandeep

    Yes, where are the Rockwellians and the Raimondoites defending the new dictatorship emerging in Russia? Why are they not sliming the crown prosecution, as they slimed all others who pointed fingers at Putin and Lukashenka? This is just another bit of evidence that they are nutters, pure and simple.

  2. Hey, Lugovoi is not Putin’s guy – he’s from the team of Putin’s adversary Boris Berezovsky. Is Putin responsible for all the former KGB officers on the planet?

  3. If he were ‘from the team of Putin’s adversary Boris Berezovsky,’ he would have been extradited immediately. His relationship ended with Berezovsky a long time ago.How naive can someone be? Scotland Yard will handle its investigation, but obviously without help from Kremlin.

  4. Maksim,

    There’s no place for argument. Both Berezovsky and Lugovoi confirm that they were in touch and their last meeting was right at the time of Litvinenko’s death. The Russian government cannot extradite Lugovoi as such an extradition would violate Russian laws.

  5. Tom G. Palmer

    “In the Litvinenko case, Russia swiftly restated its refusal to extradite the accused suspect, Andrei Lugovoi. (Lugovoi has denied any involvement.) The Russian Constitution forbids the extradition of citizens, but Britain pre-emptively emphasized Russia’s international commitments, including a 1957 convention on extraditions and an agreement between prosecutors from both countries (signed only days before Litvinenko died) to cooperate ‘in the sphere of extradition.'”
    International Herald Tribune, May 27, 2007

  6. Perhaps we should let the courts and the diplomatic process proceed. The trends in Russia are very bad, but it does not imply necessarily that the Kremlin was implicated in this murder. This is not an easy problem to untangle. Mr. Palmer is not pointing a finger above at anyone other than those who automatically jump to one person’s defence. But neither should we automatically point a finger at that one person or at his enemies abroad.

  7. RD2D,

    Do a search on Putin’s comments on just that, or are you just going to take the comments made by Kremlin Dennis on how Putin is such a nice guy in power? Is that why his opponents end up being dead?

    Hey, how about also checking out the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and other assorted parties involved with the Other Russia coalition. Would the CPRF be the right candidates for the U.S. to be “pro-Western” to go against Putin?