The Sacrifice of Lives to Nationalist Paranoia

This is a very disturbing story: “Russia Warily Eyes Human Samples — In the Name of Fighting Bioterrorism, Export of Biological Materials Prohibited.”

According to data from TNT, every day around a hundred packages of biological materials are sent abroad by Russian hospitals for clinical analyses (they comprise the majority of biomaterials sent out of Russia), meaning that the ban on the export of biological materials will affect the health of thousands of Russian patients every month. Children’s Oncology Center deputy director Alexei Mashchan told Kommersant yesterday that “if this is true, it is a cannonball to the gut for us.” Much of the analyses that require the export of biological samples can only be done abroad, such as the selection of bone marrow donors, which is commonly done in German clinics.

(Russian language here and here.)

2 Responses to “The Sacrifice of Lives to Nationalist Paranoia”

  1. I kinda wonder whether the lab tests for the top people will all be done in Russia, even if the best labs are in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, or England. I doubt it.

  2. Creepy report. Reminds me of all the reports coming out from China doing unnecessary organ “donations” from “doctors” targeting average Chinese patients, at the same time, the organs that are given to the patients are in poor condition and the patient ends up meeting the Reaper, shortly thereafter.

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