Time to “do suitable physical exercise”


The Chinese government is set to force Chinese internet game companies to limit access by teenagers and to display admonitions that it is time to “do suitable physical exercise.” Yeah, that’ll work. On the other hand, the bureaucrats did show a little deeper understanding of (teenage) incentives when they required changes to the rewards system, as Associated Press points out:

“If they continue, the software slashes by half any points earned in the game. All points are wiped out if players stay on more than five hours.”

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  1. China always opted for organic solutions where elements of the problem become parts of the solution, check out their martial arts. They invented paper money and bureaucracy. While European epic heroes bear a shield and wield a broad sword; Chinese ones bear a stamp and wield a writing brush. Once out of their 400-year slump theyâ??ll be the best once again. Fascinating country, with extraordinary past and remarkable future.

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