Reincarnation: A State-Given Right

Calling Cass Sunstein and Stephen Holmes, who insist that all rights are “positive rights” that are created by the state: BeliefWatch: Reincarnate.

Hat tip to Constantino Diaz-Duran.

3 Responses to “Reincarnation: A State-Given Right”

  1. Well, if one accepts the notion that the state can regulate its physical borders, and especially if it can regulate bringing a life into the world (e.g., the number of children), then certainly it can regulate life extension through reincarnation!

    Who knows. Perhaps China could pass a law that says no dam shall fail, no mine shall collapse, no plane shall crash, no uranium shall go missing, and no man shall obstruct the progress of a tank.

  2. Within a permissive (as opposed to restrictive) legal structure, Sunstein and Holmes would be correct. The rights however granted by government would be arbitrary at best and malicious at worst vis China. Moreover permissive legal structures will invariably lead to the worst oppression evidenced today by Zimbabwe, North Korea Cuba, Venezuela, and soon to be Russia. The state should be the ultimate guarantor of rights, however never can it be the originator of said rights. Sunstein and Holmes seem to be confusing the force of logic with its phonemic inverse: the logic of force. Unless I am completely missing the point, in which case please disregard.

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