Presidency or Dictatorship?

George Will poses some excellent “Questions for Mukasey.”

The first is especially good:

The Bush administration says “the long war” — the war on terrorism — is a perpetual emergency that will last for generations. Waged against us largely by non-state actors, it will not end with a legally clarifying and definitive surrender. The administration regards America as a battlefield, on which even an American citizen can be seized as an “enemy combatant” and detained indefinitely. You ruled that presidents have this power, but you were reversed on appeal. What do you think was the flaw in the reasoning of the court that reversed you?

5 Responses to “Presidency or Dictatorship?”

  1. How sad. Who’d have thought, just a few short years ago, that an AG nominee would think that it’s okay to explicitly defy the Constitution by imprisoning American citizens in military brigs or a military base in Cuba, without access to the outside world — and that that nominee would be hailed by everyone as surprisingly moderate?

  2. Also sad: George Will is one of about four conservatives who care about justice and the rule of law left in the US. Remember Thomas Sowell? Larry Elder? Neal Boortz? Look what they’ve been reduced to.

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