Poles at the Polls!


I have Polish friends who see politics in their country differently, and I understand why, but….I am really pleased by the defeat of Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party and the victory of Tusk’s Civic Platform Party. The morally intolerant, belligerent, anti-market, populistic policies of the current government were leading Poland in the wrong direction.

4 Responses to “Poles at the Polls!”

  1. While I am in agreement on the elections, the Kaczynski idea purging of communists is a good one…not everyone who was ever associated with the Communist Party in any way, but certainly everyone who engaged in clearly criminal behavior. This ought to be done everywhere in Central and Eastern Europe, and the former USSR. They should be barred from government, and prosecuted as well.

  2. Piotr Romaniak

    The idea of purging of communists is a really good idea. But in fact the Kaczynski brothers have done nothing about it in their 2 year long governing – only talking and slogans.

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