The Lamp of Liberty Re-Lit!


Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and intelligence of my colleagues Fadi Haddadin and Ghaleb Hijazi, and our Jordanian internet magicians, the Lamp of Liberty ( has a completely new look, brilliant new features, and much, much more to offer. (It was just relaunched today and it takes time to redirect all the servers around the world to the new site, but the new one should look like the image above. If not, wait a few hours; the photo at the top need not be the one of the lady with a camera; they rotate every minute.)

I am proud to be associated with such people.

4 Responses to “The Lamp of Liberty Re-Lit!”

  1. I just checked out the new site and it works just fine for me, and it does look great…though, if I were to be picky, that pen should be writing from right to left not from left to right 😉 but that’s me being fussy..

  2. Again a very nice project. Step by step, with each paper, essay, article and lecture we advance into the direction of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. And this site is a great contribution to that goal.

    Bravo to everyone who worked on this!

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