Some “Inside Baseball” About the Second Amendment Litigation

From the ABA Journal.

3 Responses to “Some “Inside Baseball” About the Second Amendment Litigation”

  1. Good for Levy & the rest of you for taking this on. When NRA called me a year or two back to ask why I wasn’t renewing my membership, this was one of the two reasons I cited; the other was their endorsement of noted supporter of the assault weapons ban, George W.

    If Levy has a fund for donations, I ought to contribute my forgone NRA dues.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Dear Friends,

    I should have made it clear that Bob Levy has shouldered 100% of the expenses. He said he didn’t want the cause smeared by anyone as part of some “gun lobby’ that’s beholden to any special interests. It’s purely about rights enumerated in the Constitution and nothing else.

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