Supremes Agree to Review Second Amendment Case

Our case is on the way to the Supreme Court. That includes a petition to reinstate standing for myself and the four others who were original plaintiffs. The heroic Bob Levy, the man who has made it all possible, addresses the case in the Los Angeles Times and in a podcast.

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  1. James N. Markels

    I saw you on the Channel 7 news last night. Congratulations! Judging by the amount and quality of the commentary on the Net, the individual-rights view holds a commanding lead.

    You’ll be present for oral arguments, won’t you?

  2. I hear the news on NPR last night. I think it’s an exciting opportunity. And I hope you will be attending for the oral arguments & can give us your view.

    I think it is extremely important that the meaning of the Second Amendment be clearly established & enforced. I know that some (e.g. the NRA) have dreaded this kind of case, but I think we need to start insisting that the government respect the Constitution — if we lose, it’s bad, but the limbo in which we “sort of” follow the Constitution just isn’t acceptable.

    This is one of those issues where I cannot see any sense at all to the other sides’ (either those who would disarm us or the NRA) arguments.

    Best of luck!

  3. Barry of Denver

    Hello Tom.

    Glad to hear this case has moved up.

    While I don’t want to sound like the black helicopter crowd, I have always theorized that the second amendment exists, at least in part, as as a final check by the people over their government. Not having been founded by a gaggle of sociologists, our founders could imagine a time when such might be necessary. Further, enforcement, whether military or police, would be reluctant to ignore the borders of our own homes knowing an armed citizen might reside within.

    My question is do the writings of the founders or history bear me out? Can you direct me to some specific reading(s)?

  4. Christopher Przywojski

    Hey Tom,
    Any chance you or anyone from CATO will post the Amicus Curiae for the Supreme Court after the case is over? Or are you allowed to maybe post it earlier? Anyway, I think it would be a great read, especially from a legal standpoint; not to mention a great source for talking points.


  5. I have proudly quoted you at my site and posted the recent John Stossel 20/20 video. You are eloquent and accurate… truly fighting for us all. We watch closely and hope for your success, for all of America.

    Very best of luck, Sir!

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