Can Government Be Limited?


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Anthony de Jasay in Cato Unbound: “Government, Bound or Unbound?

Jasay is one of the most interesting and challenging writers active today. His books are always an adventure. He has a column at (“Your Dog Owns Your House” is a good sample of his insight) and is the author of many books, my favorites among them Social Contract, Free Ride and Choice, Contract, and Consent: A Restatement of Liberalism.

My essay “No Exit: Framing the Problem of Justice” was published in the new festschrift for Tony, Ordered Anarchy: Jasay and His Surroundings, ed. by Hartmut Kliemt and Hardy Bouillon (London: Ashgate, 2008).

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  1. Indeed, Anthony de Jasay is one of the most brilliant, profound and original author among contemporary accomplished political thinkers (or political economists) – and a great libertarian. His work deserves to be known and consider more widely by economists, political scientists and other specialists.

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