A Few More Brazilian Debate Photos

From the debate in Porto Alegre on “Free Trade: Threat or Opportunity?”


The crowd (of about 3,000 people) before the debate began





Discussion and rebuttals


After the debate

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  1. Gustavo

    Hello, I’m not from porto alegre, I’m from Fortaleza situated in northeast. But… I’ve watched the conference via youtube. I agree with what you said… I’m brazilian and I want to improve my gdp per capita. I wanna earn more money. In my opinion, Ciro was getting egocentric saying brazilians cannot be rich becouse it’s our identity. I see a lot of world countries improving their gdp percapita, and brazil is improving too slowly. It’s true now with lula things are getting better but if we compare brazil to india, russia or china we are not improving that much. Or even if we compare to our neighboors. Claps for you who think brazil should grow more and give a better quality of life for us brazilians. Brazilian identity is not “pobreza”.

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