Some of the Coverage in the Arab Press for the 7-Volumes of “Libertarian Thought and Its Pioneers”


Libertarian Thought and Its Pioneers


Above: Al Watan(Qatar)
Amonnews (Jordan)
Nufooz (Lebanon)
3almani (Network of Secular Arabs)
Alwasat News (Bahrain)
Al Bawaba (Jordanian-based worldwide web portal)
US4Arabs (Arab-American website)
Syria Business Website (Syria) View image,
Sudannile (Sudan)
Also in Alawan (France), and others that I have not been able to access (they just started appearing, some more appeared today, and more expected in the near future).

2 Responses to “Some of the Coverage in the Arab Press for the 7-Volumes of “Libertarian Thought and Its Pioneers””

  1. Nicolas

    Congratulations with the publications for you and your colleagues

    It pleases me to see that libertarian thought is becomming more and more accessible to people all over the world who don’t speak English (or Flemish 🙂 ).

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Thanks, Nicolas! The other option was to teach everyone in the world Flemish, but our evaluation teams did not submit their reports on that. It turned out that when I checked why that was the case, they had all been checked into hospitals for mental breakdown and exhaustion. Flemish is just too difficult.

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