Here are two friends, at the end of one life…

Writer Jan Morris remarries wife she wed as a man

This little story is nearly as charming as Jan Morris’s books. It reminds us of several things, including that “gender orientation” (which gender one feels one is) and “sexual orientation” (to which gender one is attracted) seem to be quite different elements of one’s personality. It also reminds us of what a treasure friendship is — and of the honorable English principle of “carrying on”:

Elizabeth said yesterday: ‘I made my marriage vows 59 years ago and still have them.

‘We are back together again officially. After Jan had a sex change we had to divorce.

‘So there we were. It did not make any difference to me. We still had our family. We just carried on.’

One Response to “Here are two friends, at the end of one life…”

  1. A very nice story.

    I hope an increasing share of people come to understand that loving human relationships are beautiful, even when they take unusual forms — and there’s never any justification for persecuting, prosecuting, or discriminating against the people inolved.

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