High School Essay Contest


The Institute for Humane Studies has announced their first annual essay contest for high school seniors: “2008 Essay Contest Topic: George Orwell’s Animal Farm.”

Essays should address the following question:

Could the animalsâ?? revolution have succeeded? Why or why not?

5 Responses to “High School Essay Contest”

  1. Maybe this was announced a while back, but why is the deadline 7/31? Most kids aren’t in essay-writing mode in the middle of summer vacation.

    Also, if I read the eligibility correctly, the contest is open only to kids who just graduated?

  2. Ok, I love IHS and all, but is it just me, or do other people feel ashamed when they see the Cyrillic alphabet used in this way? I don’t think Orwell wrote a book called Dnimdl Fdrm… and what is an Essdy?

    It is an interesting question, though it leaves a lot of wiggle room for assumptions. I’ll look forward to seeing what the youngsters come up with, and I agree with Greg I don’t get why it is limited to only seniors unless they’re just looking to limit the number of submissions, which is semi-understandable.

  3. I agree with Greyson. The misuse of the Cyrillic alphabet in this fashion reminds of people speaking meaningless syllables and thinking it’s a clever imitation of Chinese.

    At least they didn’t substitute “Я” for “R.”

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