I Couldn’t Help Myself…This Is Sooooo Dark

Age-Progression Technology Indicates Missing Child A Prostitute By Now

11 Responses to “I Couldn’t Help Myself…This Is Sooooo Dark”

  1. Serenity

    I see it is acceptable, by your PC standards, to make light of child homelessness, prostitution and tragedy. But you also seem to think being disrespectful toward American soldiers and associating with bigots are beyond the pale. Strange set of ethical values.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    “Serenity” is an interesting name for a shill for Lew Rockwell, who has brought bigots, racists and others into his temple. Motivated by such intense hatred of Abraham Lincoln that they hate anything associated with the US federal government and thus praise any enemies of that government (visit http://www.tomgpalmer.com/archives/cat_the_fever_swamp.php and have a look) they have even promoted toasts to the deaths of American soldiers and claimed that it’s part of an “anti-war” movement, when in fact such antics are merely likely to generate more support for war, not less. It’s an ugly bunch of people. One of their numbers (“Serenity”) is too thick to understand that he/she has admitted what the more embarrassed people around Rockwell have so bitterly disputed, that the author of the infamous Ron Paul newsletters ( http://www.tomgpalmer.com/archives/042522.php ) is a bigot.

  3. Serenity’s comment misses the point that the video is making fun of the phony concern shown by the MSM, not child prostitution and homelessness. It also misses the point that the Rockwellian positions aren’t black humor or irony, but simply venomous bile.

  4. Clarification

    I don’t see any “admission” by Serenity. Serenity simply noted your denunciation of those who, as you see it, associate with bigots. You’ve been making these attacks long before the newsletter flap came out. I see no reference to the newsletters.

    You lump together all the opinions, as you interpret them, of all the people associated with Rockwell, and ascribe them all to that group. How collectivist. By such standards, I could accuse you of holding every possible bad position, so long as I could find it in someone you have associated with through work or politics.

  5. BarackOrBarr4Prez&NotMcCain

    Clarification needs a clarification, as the Ron Paul newsletters “appeared” years before Tom started revealing Lew Rockwell’s agenda of race-based collectivism. They resurfaced after Tom had been informing libertarians for some time of the Rockwell anti-libertarian agenda to undermine libertarianism. The newsletters were more evidence of a long pattern of undermining individualism. I don’t see Tom “lumping together” anyone. It’s Rockwell who is the one who brought in the racists and haters. That doesn’t make everyone else who is published under his umbrealla a racist. That is a red herring to divert attention from the fact that Rockwell has been demonstrated (by his Ron Paul newsletters, if nothing else, and there is a lot else) to be a racist bigot. And Serenity raised the issue and admitted it.

    Just a clarification for Clarification.

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