Back from Ghana

My visit to Ghana to participate in the IMANI Ghana and Students and Young Professionals Liberty Academy was very satisfying. I met some really outstanding young people and some very impressive scholars — among them Professor Ken A. Attafuah of the Justice and Human Rights Institute, whose lecture on the rule of law was simply brilliant, and Professor Kofi Bentil of the University of Ghana Business School and Ashesi University — and business leaders in software, banking, and financial services. This has confirmed my optimism about Africa, which is beginning to witness a flowering of liberty. It is happening. The horrible news from Darfur and Zimbabwe should certainly catch our attention, but those stories are not the only news from Africa.

Expect to see new African editions of books on freedom this year, under the and imprints. (They’ll only be available in Africa, I’m afraid, due to transportation costs. June Arunga of Kenya — who made the BBC special “The Devil’s Footpath” and is now working on a new business startup in Accra — has written a great new foreword to Johan Norberg’s In Defense of Global Capitalism. Franklin Cudjoe has written a new foreword to the Selected Essays on Political Economy of Frederic Bastiat. And a collection of Franklin Cudjoe’s essays should also appear this year. There will also be French editions of Bastiat’s works and a number of others, as well as original writings by Francophone African libertarians.)


Discussing the Zimbabwe elections on Friday with Adedayo
Thomas on the the Citi Breakfast Show in Accra with Bernard Avle


A Roundtable on Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Ghana


Certificates in Libertarian Thought Given at the Ashesi University

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