Bravo for Libertarian Lawyers

Linda Greenhouse of the New York Times listed the DC Second Amendment case as one of the “3 defining opinions” of the 2,691 opinions that she has covered over her career covering the Supreme Court.

My hat is off to Robert Levy, scholar, businessman, lawyer, and Cato board member, who conceived [note correction below], orchestrated, and financed the case, and to Alan Gura, who argued the case so excellently before the court, and to Clark Neily, who managed so many details of the case, contributed his legal insights and sharp intellect, and, like Alan, gave it all he had. Those three guys are truly awesome. I’m glad they’re on the side of freedom. We’d be in bad shape if we lost their talents, and doomed if such people of quality were on the other side.

UPDATE: I’d just like to note that I erred when I wrote that Bob Levy conceived the case, as the idea was first suggested by Clark Neily and Steve Simpson, who proposed the idea to Bob, who then signed on.

5 Responses to “Bravo for Libertarian Lawyers”

  1. Oo-rah to the Messrs. Levy, Gura, and Neily! For at least one moment, the Constitution is actually protected and defended against the opponents of freedom.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Levy and the others, but DC has chosen to interpret the Heller result so narrowly that we’re almost back to the situation before the decision. No “semi-automatic” handguns allowed? I guess that means only revolvers? The ironic thing here is, with a standard “semi” one can keep the bullets in a clip separate from the gun, and then quickly unite them in a moment of need. With a revolver the gun must ALWAYS be loaded to be useful for defense. In the name of petty resistance, the DC council is setting up a situation where the accidents they decry are more likely. Brilliant.

  3. Tom G. Palmer

    We will see if the new “regulations” stand. I hope not. In any case, even those would still be an improvement over prosecution for mere possession of a handgun of any sort. Improvements are improvements and we have driven a stake into the ridiculous “collective right” interpretation of the Second Amendment. The rest will be a matter of hard work — political, educational, and legal.

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