DWG: Driving While Gay?

Italian wins gay driving ban case

An Italian court has ordered the government to pay 100,000 euros (£79,919) to a man who had to retake his driving test because he was gay.

2 Responses to “DWG: Driving While Gay?”

  1. Nathalie I. VOGEL

    You know, Tom, the actual scandal is this: “The information was passed to the defence and transport ministries.” These things should not happen in a democracy. NV

  2. Three cheers for the Italian courts. They obviously did the right thing, even if the reasoning seems a little fuzzy.

    I’m not overjoyed at courts speculating about what is and is not a mental illness; what ought to matter is not really what medical category you shove things into but whether they have any bearing whatsoever on your ability to safely use the public roads. There are plenty of things that *are* typically considered mental illnesses that still have no bearing on somebody’s driving ability. It would make equally little sense to ban driving while dysthymic or driving while hypochondriac.

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