Time Capsule 2033

I noticed I can’t hear it on my computer……Not sure if it’s my computer or a lack of audio input….

5 Responses to “Time Capsule 2033”

  1. de villiers

    I have the impression that we are more free in France than in America or England.

    We do not have cameras everywhere that record us. We are still able to speak that which we want. We have the ability to make demonstrations against our government.

    Our economy is less liberal than the English economies. But we seem to have a social system more liberal than yours.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    The direction taken by the US and the UK in recent years has been quite terrible. Surveillance cameras everywhere, violation of the rule of law, a siege mentality, and war. And the extent of state control over society, including the economy, is growing, as well. I am optimistic over the long run, about both France and the US and UK, but the short term has been awful, indeed.

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