Putin’s Pets: All 142,000,000 of Them

And from today’s “Names & Faces” section of the Washington Post:

On the furry heels of last week’s Putin Pet Update (Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin got an adorable Siberian tiger cub for his birthday), Russia’s fearless leader continues to use his pets for photo ops.

“She is wagging her tail. That means she likes it,” Putin replied.

This week, Putin brought his black Labrador, Koni, to a meeting of officials who were discussing how Russia’s new satellite global positioning system can be used to monitor cattle and wild animals.

“Can I use it for my dog?” Putin asked. As if on cue, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov whipped out a transmitter-equipped collar and slipped it onto Koni.

“She looks sad,” Ivanov said, according to a Reuters Report. “Her free life is over.”

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