Time Capsule

Well, I got one, as the other backup device I had for Time Machine decided it didn’t want to complete backups anymore.  Whatever.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the Mac to find the Time Capsule after it’s gone through the initial setups.  And, in this new age of internet connectivity, it’s not possible to find anyone to ask about it, nor is the tiny booklet helpful, nor are the “discussion forums” on the topic helpful.  Errrrr…….

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  1. This might not be useful, but I’ll try to help.

    Your Time Capsule is also a wireless router so it creates a new network after the initial setup. It will be expecting to communicate with your Mac on the new network that it creates UNLESS you setup a “WAN” access as part of your initial setup.

    When you go to the Airport icon in the Menu Bar, do you see a new wireless network that you might’ve setup? If you plug an ethernet cable from your computer to the Airport’s “WAN” port and use the “Airport Setup Utility” is the Time Capsule located?


  2. Thanks, Jay! The problem is that I got a cable system for my internet (and phone), and it’s got some really (really) weird modem that has the television cable plugged into it. So I’m not sure how to plug what into what. But I will see what can be hooked up to what. Maybe the TimeCapsule can just be connected by ethernet cable to that. It’s frustrating.

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