Coming to you soon!

Hat tip: Walter Williams, by way of Don Boudreaux

Say No to the Auto Bailout,” by Daniel J. Mitchell

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  1. They won’t be taking my money because I don’t earn enough to pay federal taxes. If the United States doesn’t make necessary course corrections, the ‘invisible hand’ of the international community is going to displace the United States from world leadership once and for all. As September 11 elicited a temper tantrum rather than reform, most likely the next one will be a nuclear detonation. Arrogance and ignorance when coupled with means are a bad combination.

  2. More like:

    The politicians you elected passed laws which gave the UAW too much leverage, which is why we’re sending the bill back to you. The proof of this is that Toyota (and others) can build cars for a profit in the US in right-to-work states. TANSTAAFL.

  3. I have yet to see a plausible explanation for how the federal reserve and fractional reserve system could operate debt free. If people don’t want debt, they try to hoist it upon us through government. First 9/11 and war, now a ‘banking crisis.’ If some must always unavoidably pay interest for no other reason than existing here, then that sounds an awful lot like a free lunch to somebody somewhere. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The federal debt isn’t going up because they want to save the system. It’s going up because they don’t plan on repaying. Ever. I just read the daily news and swear by every word. Bernard Madoff in a scandal regarding a concealed ponzi scheme while the Federal Reserve is denying access to information regarding its activities, etc.

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