Progress of Science, Capitalism, and Health

My older cat, Wolly, has been ill for two years with kidney problems, which are common for cats. She’s been in hospital a few times with crises (and is alive because she got better medical care than the vast majority of humans can access, which is a constant reminder of the importance of wealth creation) and I’ve had her on a regular program of infusions of liquids to increase the flow through her kidneys. I recently started her on Azodyl, a treatment that is intended to supplement the function of her kidneys. (There’s an explanation here.) I don’t know for sure whether it’s the treatment that’s responsible, but she’s much healthier and happier and she, at least, is convinced that it’s the pills. Anyone who’s given a pill to a cat knows it’s not an easy process. But Wolly thinks that the pills make her feel much better, so when I tell her it’s time for a pill, she comes over and sits on my lap and takes it. (And it’s a pretty big pill for a cat.)

If you have a dog or a cat with chronic renal failure, you should try Azodyl.

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  1. Kevin Ross

    Hello Dr. Palmer,

    How are you doing? This is Kevin Ross, one of the Foreign Policy Interns from Spring 2008. Sorry to hear about your cat Wolly. I remember my cat snickers had similar kidney problems. Good luck!

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