Double Standards?

CNN reports on the claim of victory for Hugo Chavez, as he claims “a clear victory for the people” as he “democratically” assumes perpetual and absolute personal power. CNN notes that,

He [Chavez] withstood a coup attempt in April 2002, which he accused the United States of fomenting, and a recall referendum in August 2004. In a parliamentary election in late 2005, Chavez supporters gained control of the National Assembly, and a year later he was easily re-elected to another six-year term.

No mention of his own background as a military officer who staged a violent failed military coup in 1992, after which he announced publicly that he and his other coup plotters had only failed “for now” (por ahora).

3 Responses to “Double Standards?”

  1. Chavez is not a dictator, he is a President democratically elected (not like your Bush). I do not know WHEN you all people will accept that we own our destiny and we want Chavez in power. Almost all European Constitutions do not have limits for a person to be reelected (Prime Ministers, Presidents) I do not know why you hate us the Venezuelan people so much that you cannot accept that we want an European-type constitution. If Chavez continues to do a good job, we will reelect him if not, he is out. This is the BEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Thank you, “Cindy,” aka Chavez propaganda machine, as you scan the internet from government offices for any sign of criticism of the great Hugo. No mention of his own past as a leader of a military coup, though. Interesting.

  3. Yeah, it’s just normal democracy for rulers to insist that the rules be changed when it would benefit them. So when they manipulate the populace and buy a mandate from a majority of voters, it is not the ruler who won, but the people!

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