Good Work, Hillary!


BBC: “Button gaffe embarrasses Clinton

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  1. It can be symbolized that each side may face the difficulties to find a common language. And maybe It’s impossible.

    Also I agree with the Illarionov’s point of view which he reproduced before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs at the hearing “From Competition to Collaboration: Strengthening the U.S.-Russia Relationship”

    First, we should understand the nature of current authoritarian regime in Russia. It’s most important to remark that “the central place in the Russian political system is occupied by the Corporation of the secret police”. I’d like to add that this situation is very special. And earlier It was not described in the political science. I mean such new political actor as the Corporation of the secret police that concentrated in its hands all significant resources.
    Second, Obama’s administration risks to repeat the errors of its predecessors. Because both Clinton and Bush began their terms with tabula rasa – to improve the US-Russia cooperation. But “Each US administration has finished its term in the office with the U.S.-Russian relations at much lower level than they were at its beginning”.
    And third, Mr. Illarionov compared the attempt “to reset the button” in the US-Russia relation with the appeasement policy and so-called Munich statement. He called it “a full, absolute and
    unconditional surrender” of democratic and liberal values “to the regime of the secret police officers, chekists and Mafiosi bandits in today’s Russia”.

  2. Excuse me for my English, because I have found out that I made a few grammar mistakes in my previous comment. I wanted to write that of course, we have very ridiculous situation. But on the other hand this error of the State Department can mean that each side will face the difficulties in searching of the common language. Besides I think that at present moment it’s impossible. And maybe it’s even undesirable.

    I’m sorry I have to repeat my post, because I am worrying that you could understand me incorrectly.

  3. Give poor Hillary a break; this was an inadvertent mistake — she accidentally picked up the wrong button. This one saying “overcharge” was supposed to be for the American citizen, as a souvenir of the TARP and ARRA.

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