Cheesy Video: Long Live Roquefort!

3 Responses to “Cheesy Video: Long Live Roquefort!”

  1. “r’wokfor’wwt” ? Ah… vouv voulez dire “ro-que-fort”… 😉
    This is a good video to make us understand how protectionism primarily hurt the “national” consummer. I had written a short comment for zi francophones after that story came out, sympathizing wiz zi unlucky American r’wokfor’wwt-lovers. Longue vie au roquefort, et au libre échange !

  2. de Villiers

    The French prohibit the sale of cheap, artificial, tampered, hormone beef and the Americans prohibit the sale of one of the finest, natural, elegant cheeses.

    And the Americans wonder why the French consider them as they do.

    de Villiers

  3. The War on...Roquefort?

    How can we be mad at Europe for not wanting our hormone filled beef. They want better quality than that. And what’s sad is that we as American settle for this cheap, unethically produced meat. She is right to point out that we are going down a slippery slope when we allow the government to tell us what we can and can’t eat in this country. Its like they want us to be content with American produced food, content with American cheese, content with not knowing the great food produced around the world that can elevate the senses to a whole other level.

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