Realizing Freedom

Dr. Tom Palmer's Realizing Freedom, Libertarian Theory, History, And PRactice
Now available for advance purchase from and soon from Laissez Faire Books. Here are some evaluations from people who know the book:

“The libertarian conception of individual autonomy is often attacked as fostering narrow and selfish individuals who take scant notice of the larger world around them. Tom Palmer’s great contribution in this collection of essays is to set those misconceptions to rest. He shows how autonomous individuals use their powers to promote exchange and cooperation, which enrich all facets of social life. He exposes the cultural imperialists whose high-falutin’ rhetoric is all too often the prescription for economic protectionism and social stagnation. He reminds us yet again that individual liberty is our most precious social good.”

–Richard Epstein, University of Chicago School of Law, author of Simple Rules for a Complex World

“Tom Palmer has been long involved in fighting the battle of ideas, in confronting collectivism, extensive government intervention and suppression of human freedom and economic prosperity. This book should be read by all who do care about freedom. It is important to remind each generation that freedom can never be taken for granted. Collectivist, anti-libertarian ideologies did not cease to exist in the moment of the fall of the Iron Curtain.”

–Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic

“Tom Palmer has been one of liberty’s most eloquent and learned spokespersons for many years. It is a joy to have so many of his lucid, readable, and trenchant essays, written over most of those years, between one set of covers. The essays range from very specific to the very broad and basic. Palmer’s work is distinguished by its historical literacy — few can cite relevant events from the world’s history, as well as specifically American and British history, so virtuosically as he. The essays are independent of each other, enough so that you can sit down and read one here, one there. I guarantee you a good read. Oh, yes, and there’s a long, hugely useful paper toward the end, plus some reviews, always sharp and to the point, and in many appropriate cases, lethal. Here, in short, is one of those books that really do belong on every shelf — at least, if the shelf in question has any concern for human freedom.”

–Jan Narveson, University of Waterloo, author of The Libertarian Idea and You and the State: A Short Introduction to Political Philosophy

“Tom Palmer has the ability to make the complex understandable and to go to the heart of the most difficult problems. He is a valuable resource for journalists and others in search of historical and economic scholarship and philosophical insight, especially about the impact of government intervention and the reasons for respecting the freedom and responsibility of individuals.”

–John Stossel, ABC News, author of Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel – Why Everything You Know is Wrong

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  1. Eric Magnuson

    Congratulations, Tom, looks good. Would you be able to post the table of contents ? I’m a big fat of libertarian history and am curious to see what is covered in the book. I like reading about the early pioneers. David Boaz’s primer did an excellent job on this front, but I thought his discussion on history was too short.

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