Some Common Sense on Drug Policy….

….from the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy

Read their final report: “Drugs and Democracy: Toward a Paradigm Shift

It is long past time to end the destructive, wasteful, and unjust policy of prohibition. It fuels terrorism, empowers and funds the most violent criminals, and ruins the lives of millions of people. Enough!

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3 Responses to “Some Common Sense on Drug Policy….”

  1. About time the political leadership started to speak out on this issue. Our countries are being torn apart by the US-organized and financed war on drugs. Please legalize them. Please.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    This is an important start of a serious discussion. Politicians and even most public figures have been afraid to touch this issue at all. This report is a good start. It is not perfect, but that is no reason not to welcome it. Gradual or piecemeal reform is usually better than none at all, and especially so when the current policy is so monstrously wrong.

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