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My colleagues have been steadily improving their use of the internet to advance liberty and that includes improved graphics and looks (all done on the cheap). (“One Free World”), which is edited by Dr. Emmanuel Martin, has a new and striking look to it. And Manu, troubador of liberty that he is (he writes music and plays his guitar across Europe and Africa for freedom and peace), is now working hard on the new projects in Hindi and Urdu that should be launched soon. It’s been a lot of hard work, including working in scripts that are completely foreign to him and figuring out to ensure that they function properly, but it’s all coming together. I will meet with the editors of those projects and their teams over the next week. I am sooo pleased with the progress that’s being made (thanks in large part to Emmanuel’s dedication and tireless support) and so looking forward to seeing more promotion of liberty in two of the great languages of the world.

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