Vargas Llosa on Honduras

I am having occasional problems with the new management sytem on WordPress, and had earlier posted this thoughtful comment by Alvaro Vargas Llosa from the New York Times: “The Winner in Honduras: Chávez

I just noticed that it was somehow deleted, so….here it is again.


3 Responses to “Vargas Llosa on Honduras”

  1. Brian Garst

    Mr. Chavez is only able to gain the “moral high ground” because the supposedly free states are too gutless to stand up for liberal democracy and against Chavez’s illiberal brand. Why are we so afraid to stand against the leftist thug leaders populating OAS and the UN?

  2. Patricia Midence

    In your eye, Hugo Chavez! The small, poor country of Honduras is giving a lesson on democracy to the world! In their gutsy, legal, legitimate removal of of the former President Zelaya they showed the world, Chavez and their less fortunate suppressed neighbors how its done; and all this despite the OAS and Inzulza! Bravo!

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