Cato University a Hit

Yesterday’s Cato University seminars were great, and today looks like it’s off to a good start, as well. Tibor Machan is currently lecturing on the role of individual rights as bulwarks against tyranny and domination. (His book Individuals and their Rights is quite good on such matters.)

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  1. As a scholarship student at this year’s Cato University, I can attest to the intellectual stimulus provided by this year’s seminar. I have not attended before, and so I do not know of the particular demographics of past seminars, but from those who were present this last week there is no doubt that Cato is doing its work in aiding the spread of liberty throughout the world. The presence of a Swedish parliament member and an Italian “local-level” (although future parliamentary) politician, amongst others, show that the libertarian movement is slowly gaining strength around the world (and in countries where freedom is not usually an attribute).

    Cato’s staff should be praised for the time put aside to educate the younger libertarians (or future libertarians). Cato’s sponsors should be equally as praised for their sacrifice which makes Cato’s mission viable and possible. Cato’s speakers should also be the focus of their fare share of applause, given their willingness to speak to their audience, both during the speeches and after. Whereas most high-end intellectuals refuse to reach out to their supporters, Cato’s staff are both incredibly humble and magnificently generous.

    Combining Cato’s bullish attitude towards “spreading the word”, so to speak, and humankind’s natural longing for liberty, and no matter how dark the skies are in the short run, there is no doubt that in the long-run that the libertarian objective will be realized.

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