Oh, the Green-Eyed Monster….

No More Marches on DC

Is it possible to be more transparent?

Note: The Post Magically Disappeared! Here’s the screen shot (click to enlarge to readable size):
Rockwell Jealousy over DC march

So “the purpose” of the organizers of last Saturday’s march (disclosure: I neither organized nor attended it) was “to dissipate energy, and fool people into thinking that their time and money have accomplished something, as the regime laughs up its sleeve.” Ohhh-kaaay….

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8 Responses to “Oh, the Green-Eyed Monster….”

  1. Matthew Tievsky

    I don’t know the inside of Rockwell’s head very well (though much of what I do know comes from this blog). From reading that post of his, I wouldn’t have guessed that envy was his motive for writing. If Tom has some insight I don’t, I’d (sincerely) like to know it.

  2. Interesting…I didn’t notice that sentence for some reason. I’ve noticed this occasionally, reading (and in this case, re-reading) something and still riding right past an item in it.(1) If he had not put that in, he would be dead on and the point would be unimpeachable. As it is, he is making, at the very least, a poorly founded claim. As to function, I think he is very right. These protests are as fruitless as antiwar protests have been. Neither was pointless but certainly fruitless.(2)

    (1) – I am only pointing it out because it is a mistake I make, and I wish I did not. Usually the item missed is insignificant…
    (2) – As with the antiwar protesters, I’ve seen some very disgusting things emerge. If these marches have accomplished anything it is to give smug, pretentious creeps like Olbermann something at which to smirk and about which to be glib while pretending to have anything that could even vaguely resemble a conscience. Those who are genuinely interested in the problem (whether they diagnose it correctly or not) might do well to heed a good maxim, ‘the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.’

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