Idea Night in Bishkek

Idea Night Group

The Central Asian Free Market Institute organized a really impressive and brilliantly coordinated program last night in Bishkek, “Idea Night.” (They expected 100 and got well over 150 [I counted 170].) Young Kyrgyz made a series of presentations, including a very impressive one on the evil “propiska” system of residency permits and internal passports. There was a spirited discussion of several important topics, including the nature of liberty, the role of the free media in a free society, internet freedom, and more. I made a presentation on different concepts of freedom, partly drawn from the lecture on “Freedom Properly Understood” that I delivered in Hamburg at the 60th anniversary meeting of the Liberal International. (It’s presented as the first chapter of Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice.) I’ll make two presentations tomorrow at the ReCAmp (Central Asian Research Camp) and then two presentations at the Free Market School in Issyk Kul.

CAFMI Executive Director Mirsulzhan Namazaliev welcoming participants and introducing CAFMI

Gulshair on propiska
CAFMI seminar participant Gulshair Abdirasulova presenting the case for abolishing controls on movement

Sabina Rheingold at Idea Night
CAFMI Volunteer Sabina Reingold as Master of Ceremonies at Idea Night

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