Where is the “Peace” in the Peace Prize?

Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan and has made no additional moves, beyond what the Bush administration had planned, for any withdrawal from Iraq. He has done nothing to move the world, much less the US, toward peace. It seems he got the “I’m not a Republican” award. This has got to be the greatest cheapening of an international award since, um, Henry Kissinger got it for “peace in the Vietnam.”

Note the CNN comment:

Unlike his predecessors, Obama was selected not for substantive accomplishments, but for his “vision” and inspiring “hope” at the beginning of his presidency.

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7 Responses to “Where is the “Peace” in the Peace Prize?”

  1. I am absolutely appalled at the reaction of our nation to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. This is an amazing award that casts a positive light for our country around the world, and we are complaining? We should be proud. So I am here to say: Congratulations to our president and his accomplishments in domestic relations with other countries.

  2. CNN’s reporting of President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is horrible. Their correspondents are projecting an attitude that contends he is undeserving of the award because he has only been in office for nine months. But how can a man be undeserving of the Nobel Peace Prize when his whole post-graduate life has been dedicated to helping people help themselves? We must all remember that he was a community organizer long before he was elected to the United States Senate and American presidency. He is, and always has been, a proponent of national and international peace.

    My prayer is that CNN will spend more time listening to Americans who understand the importance of this moment. Ever since America responded to the 9-11 attacks eight years ago by taking military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, the world has been in a state of moral decline. Some would argue that the pace of this decline has quickened. Add the Bush Administration’s blatant lies to the mix, and you begin to see that this Republican president allowed partisan politics to influence his decision to begin two wars that will never be won under his leadership, or the leadership of any future president.

    We all agree that President Obama has yet to accomplish his lofty goals. But we Americans must also agree that we have a stake in whether he achieves these same goals. When media outlets like CNN constantly sensationalize the negative without giving credence to the positive, they impair American’s willingness to work diligently with President Obama to achieve the established goals. More importantly, though, their correspondents don’t operate as impartial witnesses to history; they manipulate us into taking sides.

    But the side that needs to be taken is the one that is right. Yes, right does depend on one’s worldview, but who prefers bomb attacks over world peace? No one, I hope. The right thing to do in this case is to engage in activities that lead to most, if not all, of the things that President Obama has set into motion through his righteous words and deeds. If we Americans don’t get on board with President Obama, then our country is going to be worse off than it was after Republican President George W. Bush left office.

    One of America’s greatest strengths has been the way it is viewed by the world citizenry. The world’s negative perception of America is slowly being melted away, being replaced by a more positive perception. I think this more positive perception is a tribute to President Obama’s charisma, his willingness to be the kind of chief diplomat that shows us how to love our families (fellow Americans) and neighbors (foreigners) again.

    But Republican senators and representatives are even trying to undermine President Obama’s efforts on the world stage. I have heard reports about Congressmen refuting reports about global warming/climate change. Sarah Palin even stated her opposition to President Obama’s policies during a speech she delivered in Hong Kong, China. Such behavior is somewhat unprecedented, but it is a sign that the Republican Party is focused more on scare tactics (in this country and abroad) than helping America and the world recover from the Bush Years (2000-2008).

    President Barack Obama is not a tyrant or a socialist; he is a concerned citizen of the world working with like-minded individuals to rebuild the global village.

  3. Lane Conaway

    @Monica – Assuming your post isn’t a parody, my question is “what accomplishments?”

    Mr. Obama was nominated for the award fewer than two weeks into his term. Considering that he hadn’t introduced a single important proposal that affected relations with other countries (which isn’t the purpose of the peace prize regardless) he must have earned the award for not being George W. Bush or another Republican. After all, public opinion of the US in Western Europe soared following the election long before Mr. Obama broke with former President Bush’s policies…if he has yet to do so at all.

    I myself happen to not be George W. Bush, nor am I a Republican. Does that entitle me to a peace prize? If not, what if I add in some positive-sounding rhetoric and a grandiose vision? Surely you can’t then deny I’ve met this year’s standard.

  4. I am deeply saddened for all those who actually toiled hard to achieve a difference and for prior winners. I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican, but it seems like more people are drinking the Obama KoolAid. Again this is taking away from those that do and giving to someone who hasn’t done anything. Sure, President Obama is a skilled speaker and is willing to talk with friends and enemies and has rose colored glasses of a different world where we all sing Kumbaya. If he wants peace … let’s look at home and clean up violence here. Reform the legislative branch of government ensuring term limits, the same health and retirement plans as every other American. What a message for our kids. Hope for good things and you’ll get rewarded. You don’t actually have to accomplish anything. Just like his Robin Hood economics plan. As Margaret Thatcher says … the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. There were 205 candidates and President Obama was the best deserving to win the Peace Prize!!! Unfathomable.

  5. Barack Obama is actually undermining world peace by threatening a trade war with China. He’s undermining it by interfering in internal Honduran politics on behalf of a socialist demagogue, even though there was no coup (as the Congressional Research Service has pointed out). He’s undermining world peace by continuing the carnage in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. (I’m sure the families of children killed by drone missile strikes are intrigued by this award.) He’s done accomplished nothing at all on Iranian and N. Korean nuclear weapons issues, on Somalia or Sudan, on Israel and Palestine, or on anything else.

    His true-believer fans (read the Nobel Committee) are like cult members, oblivious to reality… they’re inspired by his empty but soothing rhetoric, which they imagine shows vision. But he’s laid out no vision at all, since a vision includes a concrete plan.

    This award is a farce.

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