The Egypt Audit

I got in last night from Cairo to Vienna, after a successful Egypt Audit program, in cooperation with the Fraser Institute and the IDSC of Egypt. The Egypt Audit applied the methods of the Economic Freedom of the World reports to one country — Egypt — and made recommendations for reforms, which were then discussed by the participants. The papers are being made available to Egyptian cabinet ministers and advisers. There was some very good media coverage and some spirited discussions about how to reduce barriers to trade, reduce the regulatory burdens on entrepreneurs, reform monetary and financial policies, and more.

Cairo interview
(Photos in Order)
Being interviewed for Nile TV on the Benefits of Free Markets

Nouh and TGP in Cairo
With my colleague Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi, Editor of and the primary organizer of the Egypt Audit

Interview on TV
Another perspective (taken very artistically by Nouh)

Nouh interview
Nouh making the case for radical free-market reforms on Egyptian TV

Working Groups at Egypt Audit
Two of the Working Groups at the Egypt Audit, preparing their report

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  1. Congrats !
    Good work, good team…we need more and more people like you !
    Fighting for peace and liberty continue !
    Comme dit Docteur nouh el harmouzi : Le combat continue !

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