Cyber Unity?

Mirsulzhan Namazaliev on the proposal to have URLs in alphabets other than Latin: “Attack of the alphabets: will Cyber-Cyrillic threaten global online unity?

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  1. Rothbard argued that Mises’ plebescite argument leads to the conclusion that every individual has the right to secede from any political union. May I add the corollary that every individual should have the right to secede from established linguistic groups and develop her/his own characters for domain names, etc.? The ultimate in individual self-expression!

    (I’m joking, but OTOH, there are something like 50 alphabets, plus numerous written languages that do not use alphabets — e.g. Chinese dialects, Japanese, Korean, etc. And then there are non-written languages with no characters at all. No doubt each one deserves equal treatment by ICANN. For non-written languages some sort of speech recognition software should work so we can have spoken domain names. So just where does all this end?)

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