Wabash College’s Goodrich Room

Goodrich Room Wabash College Dec 2009

I had the pleasure of speaking Thursday night at Wabash College in Indiana and had made a condition of accepting that I would get to visit the Goodrich Room in the Library. I’m standing with two of my hosts under the names of Gilgamesh (one of my favorite epics) and the Mahabharata (another of my favorite epics). You can take your own virtual tour of the room here and you can find out about Pierre (pronounced “Peer”) Goodrich here. He was a remarkable visionary and a great benefactor of the cause of liberty.

It was bitter cold, but the reception was warm, the students posed quite interesting and intelligent questions, and I found the discussion very agreeable. Moreover, going to dinner with my hosts and autographing copies of Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice after the lecture were enjoyable.

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